ENZO CUCCHI. SCULTURA unnamedThe book focuses on Enzo Cucchi's sculptural works from 1982 to 1988. Published in Brussels and Munchen in 1988 by Zaira Mis & Bernd Klüser on the occasion of the exhibition in 1988 of the works of Enzo Cucchi at Victor Horta's house in Brussels. German text by Martin Schwander. 105 pages + a 49 pages booklet containing the English translation; 7 color illustrations; 52 black and white illustrations; dimensions cm 28,5 x 20,5. Rubber cover designed by Enzo Cucchi. Graphic design by Trix Wetter. Printed in 2000 copies (1000 with red cover; 500 with grey cover; 500 with yellow cover signed and numbered by the artist).

Price : Yellow cover 200 € - Grey / Red cover 140 €